Portage First Church*

In the late 90s God was on the move at First Church of the Nazarene in Portage, Indiana.  In their quest to connect seekers and believers to real life in Jesus Christ, the leadership at First Church decided to plant a new work. Pastor Richard Schmidt and his wife Stacey began to draw together a team of people to move forward with them into this new work located in the neighboring town of Valparaiso.  A group of faithful Christ followers answered God’s call to partner with the Schmidt’s and a new expansion of God’s kingdom was underway.

Living Hope Community Church

Living Hope Community Church in Valparaiso quickly became a place dedicated to connecting people to God, to each other, and to a world in need of God’s love. People who “would never step foot in another church” came and were made new. Lives were changed, people were transformed and the kingdom continues to expand because of the faithful work being done at Living Hope. As Living Hope entered its fifth year a core group shaped by all they had learned at Living Hope became convinced that God was calling them to continue that expansion in Washington State. Living Hope is continuing to reach out to the world both locally in Valparaiso and through their sacrificial support and guidance of this new work; Story Point Community Church.

Story Point Community Church

The story of SPCC is still in the early chapters, and much of this tale remains to be told.  The setting has changed from the Regal Columbia Center movie theater to our current location in historic downtown Kennewick, but our quest remains the same.  Regardless of how many circumstances change, the leadership at Story Point Community Church will always be thankful for the heritage that has shaped and lead the ministry to where it is today. We look forward to continuing in the footsteps of ourparent church, grandparent church, the Church of the Nazarene, and the followers of the Way of Christ throughout history.

* Since the planting of Living Hope, Portage First Church of the Nazarene has changed their name to Real Life Community Church — a church of the Nazarene.

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